Tuesday, 18 January 2011

How to evaluate a Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project. Anybody is able to change, add or remove articles on Wikipedia. This of course is prone to many problems as some authors may be: biased, vandalise the article or write incorrect information.

Article Quality
Before changing an article on Wikipedia look at the article quality:

  • Does the article read well and does it focus on the topic stated?
  • Does the author cite his references or outside links?
  • Does the author follow the Wikkipedia style conventions i.e. paragraphs/formatting/images.
  • Was the article recently created?
  • Is there evidence of continued vandalism where constant reversions of changed between two or more people?
  • Do the same changes keep getting made and undone?

  • Does the article topic appear to be controversial or under debate?
  • Does the article have revert or rvv vandalism?
  • Is the article tagged with a Wikipedia clean-up message?
  • Check that article is correctly formatted and includes cite references or source    
When editing using wikipedia for external use such as homework always do MORE research and use different sources to check the clarity of the informations. 
'Wikipedia should be a starting place for research, not an end destination and independent confirmation of any fact presented is advised.'  
Quote: How to evaluate a Wikipedia article

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